Guide to finding an investment property in Australian Capital Territory

How to find the right investment property ?

You may not be planning to live in this property but if you are looking at it as an investment property then you need to look out for things that people usually look for. One of the key features of an investment property is its location. The location of property has an effect on its capital growth. Features like garage, access to amenities like pools, play area, proximity to public transport, good schools, health centres, restaurants go a long way to add value to the property.

If you have plans to buy an investment property or you own a home or apartment to rent out to tenants then Reliance Residential can be your trustworthy property manager. A property manager will watch over your property and ensure that it is clean and well looked after. It handles complaints and feedback from tenants. Our experienced team can help you guide what tenants are looking for when seeking a property to lease. If you are a first time investor, then knowing where to start and what to look for to make correct decisions is important. An experienced property manager keeps you updated about the latest in your suburb and neighbourhood developments.

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